Our Story

Our story begins with a group of individuals from St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Bath, Ohio, who felt a strong calling to reach the inner city of Akron. They recognized the importance of aligning with the Anglican tradition and its deep reliance on the Holy Spirit for the church's existence and mission. Thus, Holy Spirit Anglican Church was born as a place where all people are welcomed and the loving presence of God transforms lives.

At Holy Spirit Anglican Church, we believe in the real presence of Christ, understanding that He is with us in a tangible way. The Bible is central to our faith, serving as our guide and source of wisdom. We acknowledge the power of the Holy Spirit, who empowers and equips us to serve as disciples of Christ, bringing His transformative presence to our neighborhood, region, and the world.

Our community values grace in relationships, understanding that we are all imperfect and need God's grace. We embrace vulnerability, recognizing that it is through our weaknesses that God's strength is made perfect. Welcoming the outsider is a priority for us as we strive to create a space where everyone feels valued and included.

Living with purpose is a crucial aspect of our faith. We believe in the potential for emotional, physical, and relational healing through the power of God. We seek to live out practical biblical principles daily, allowing God's Word to shape and guide us. Our commitment to helping the poor and downtrodden expresses our faith in action.

We also prioritize promoting those in the back to the front, recognizing the value and potential in every individual. Releasing true identities means helping people discover and embrace who they were created to be. Intercession, the recognition of holy mysteries, and the gifting of the Holy Spirit are integral aspects of our worship and spiritual life.

Fellowship modeled after the Trinity is a cornerstone of our community as we seek to love and support one another. Identifying with the transgressor reminds us of our need for forgiveness and grace. We believe in ministry to and with others, recognizing that we are all called to serve and share God's love.

We uphold the belief in the priesthood of all believers, understanding that each person has a unique role to play in God's kingdom. Hearing God through each other is an important aspect of our community as we learn and grow together. Families, children, and fun are celebrated within our church, and humility is valued as we recognize our need for God's guidance.

Ultimately, we at Holy Spirit Anglican Church are dedicated to living out the kingdom of God and cherishing the sacraments as sacred moments of encounter with God's grace. We invite all people to join us on this transformative journey of faith.