Our Name

A group of individuals from St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Bath, Ohio, felt called to venture into the heart of Akron's inner city. At the time, the rector of St. Luke's was Chuck Irish, who recognized the importance of relying on the Holy Spirit for the growth and success of this new church. Therefore, he named it "Church of the Holy Spirit," emphasizing the need for the Spirit's guidance and empowerment.

As time went on, the church underwent a significant change. It transitioned from being a part of the Episcopal Church to joining the Anglican tradition. With this change, the name of the church was also modified to reflect its new affiliation. It became known as "Holy Spirit Anglican."

This name change not only signified the shift in denominational alignment but also emphasized the church's continued reliance on the Holy Spirit. The belief in the transformative power of the Holy Spirit remained at the core of the church's identity, regardless of the specific denomination it belonged to.

By changing the name to "Holy Spirit Anglican," the church aimed to communicate its commitment to the Anglican tradition while maintaining its dependence on the Holy Spirit. This name serves as a reminder that the church's spiritual growth, ministry, and impact are made possible through the working and power of the Holy Spirit.

Overall, the name change from "Church of the Holy Spirit" to "Holy Spirit Anglican" represents the church's journey of aligning with the Anglican tradition and its unwavering reliance on the Holy Spirit for its existence and mission.